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At the SevaMed Institute, we believe the time has come for the practice of medicine to change.  From the moment you step into our lobby, you realize this is not your typical doctor's office.  As experts in Integrative and Functional Medicine, we've created one of the most innovative experiences in health care.  We create a true partnership with each of our Members we develop a personalized health strategy that:

  • uncovers the earliest signs of disease
  • focuses on how to get and stay healthy
  • emphasizes nutritional and lifestyle-based care
  • creates a community-centered educational experience
  • allows time and attention through lengthy office visits
  • provides the health answers they've exhaustively pursued

Our extensive dedication is evident in our approach.  Our lobby serves as a ‘teaching kitchen' and community meeting space where our Members experience ‘hands-on' healthy living and the advanced technology we employ is more than 10 years ahead of conventional medical standards. 

As an innovative medical practice dedicated to helping our patients achieve lifelong, vibrant health, SevaMed Institute is dedicated to identifying and removing the things that push you towards disease and filling your life with the things that create wellness so you can stay healthy or get healthy. 

Rather than simply relying on medications to treat symptoms, we work with you to help get your systems working right again.  That makes a lot more sense to us and it makes it more likely that you can enjoy a future without a cabinet full of medication.

We think in terms of how your body works within its genetic predispositions and how it interacts with food, environmental toxins and stress.  We use conventional medications and testing when they are needed, but we also use food as medical therapy along with targeted clinical approaches. e hear you…Because, we think a little differently…and your symptoms make sense to us.

About Dr. Saxena

Dr. Saxena

Through the last decade of taking care of adults and children, Dr. Saxena’s philosophy and experience have grown to recognize that true healing must be self-initiated. She sees her role as a guide and partner with her patients. She creates an approachable and non-judgmental space where a person can be courageous enough to explore and make the changes necessary to experience total wellbeing.   Shilpa P. Saxena, M.D. is a Board-Certified Family Practice physician whose passion and purpose come to life through her belief that patients make better choices about their health when they understand all the relevant factors that lead to their disease. She has applied the core principle of ‘Patients Powered by Knowledge’ at the SevaMed Institute, where she practices Integrative and Functional family medicine achieving tremendous success with her patients by finding, treating and reversing the root cause of illness.  Read More...




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